Oh, Happy Day!

22 OCT — In conjunction with Singapore’s Bicentennial celebration, Filos organised “Oh, Happy Day!” to bring back memories of the good old days. The block party was a success with many new friends! 

Outside our office, seniors indulged in old school street food such as “muah chee”, mixed murukku and iced gems, as well as cupcakes and coconut buns that were lovingly baked by volunteers. Next to that, four massage therapists from JL Institution volunteered to provide relaxing head and shoulder massages. 

Inside, our corridors came alive as seniors played old school games like chapteh! We also conducted our regular HAPPY exercise programme, where new participants were introduced to a sample of the exercises that aim to reduce physical and cognitive frailty.

To find out more about the HAPPY programme, contact Hannah at hannah@filos.sg 

Bringing Healthcare Expertise to the Community

Yi Jun

Physiotherapist Yijun is a knowledge bank for Filos' Active Ageing programmes. With Yijun, Filos’ HAPPY team can now track and monitor our senior's progress with simple tests that are usually conducted in hospitals. And our next run of STEP OUT programme, will focus on combating frailty and use the professional materials prepared by her.

Working in a hospital has imprinted a “life is hard” mantra in Yijun but the patients’ resilience and perseverance never fails to amaze her. She recalled one pivotal anecdote of an elderly man with a persistent open wound on his leg. Despite numerous persuasions, he stubbornly refuse to give up the manual household chores and said to her “I can”. These 2 simple words echoed throughout her career and motivated her; how much more can she give?

Yijun is now dedicated to a personal project of an app that aims to empower seniors to independently take charge of their lifestyles, and bridges them to professionals when help is needed. The user design is for seniors, even the less tech-savvy. To Yijun, the project represents collective goodness, where fate and friends come together to contribute time and resources towards building a dream for healthcare professionals.

Yijun believes everyone is called to do their bit to care and be cared for; to give and be grateful. For her, it is lending her healthcare expertise where it is needed most. She encourages people to look beyond the concrete walls of their neighbourhoods and get to know the people inside. Volunteering, she says, allows you to become more aware of the less privileged and their difficult situations.