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Ming Ming misses his home based learning class as he has to share his computer with his older sister.

Mdm Tan lives all by herself and has become more frail after months of being cooped up in her house all by herself.

Aminah is worried about making ends meet for her family of 6. Both she and her husband have recently lost their jobs. 
During these times of unprecedented challenge, Filos continues to deliver services to our beneficiaries. We've adapted to online services for our clients and switched to tele- befriending to keep isolated elderly engaged. Our Case Managers still do home visits to clients with critical needs in the community. We reach out to persons with mental health issues to help them stay well in the community. We've also embarked on the Waves of Blessing project where we distribute essential items to needy clients during the pandemic.

Help us to do all this and more as we adapt our services to address the new needs that have arisen.

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A Story of  love, faith and resilience  

Siok Bee

For the past 14 years, Siok Bee has been a caregiver to her mum, who has been diagnosed with dementia. This led her to realise that individuals with dementia face a whole spectrum of needs. One of them is the need to engage them through activities that involve the different senses. Siok Bee fondly recalls that she used to draw pictures on cards and get her mum to colour them. She also brought her mum to places and even danced and sang together with her!

At Filos, Siok Bee runs a variety of Active Ageing Programmes as well as serves as an Eldersitter.  With the shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic where home visits to the elderly have been suspended, Siok Bee now spends more time connecting with seniors over phone and video calls. She laments the lack of physical touch with them as she believes that some seniors require a caring gesture, such as a hug, to make their day or help them feel better about themselves.

She shares a story of a senior that is under Filos’ Befriending programme. The senior stays alone as her daughter has already moved out. Filos continued to engage her through telephone calls as well as sending her our monthly in-house Activity Booklet produced for isolated seniors to keep them cognitively occupied while at home. The dedication of the staff at Filos has led to the daughter coming forward to thank Filos for what was being done for her mother. Siok Bee also excitedly shared that during WhatsApp video calls, this senior will be showing other seniors the pictures she has coloured in her Activity Booklet. This would indirectly pressure the rest of the seniors in the video call to also engage in the exercises in their Activity Booklets!

Siok Bee’s story of positivity, faithfulness and resilience has touched many of her clients and colleagues at Filos.  

If you would like to volunteer or contribute to our Active Ageing and Befriending Programmes, do drop an email to