Expressing Gratitude: 
Saying "Thank You"
the IDOP way!

25 SEPT — Organised by RSVP Singapore, the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) is celebrated yearly worldwide. The aim is to allow seniors to express their gratitude towards their caregivers and the people in their lives. In conjunction with the STEP OUT programme, our seniors spent some time penning down their thoughts and expressing gratitude towards the people who have taken care of them. Regardless of age, it is important that we continue to give thanks and appreciate those who care for us!

Among them are two friends, Chan Soon Yow and Wan Yoke Ching, who have been friends ever since they were around 10 years old. They are also neighbours within the same block. They have been encouraging each other to participate in Filos' activities since 2018 and are very grateful to each other's companionship!

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Empathetic Nuturing of the Next Generation

Wen Lin

2 years ago, when Wen Lin, a lawyer by the day, started dedicating her time to Filos’ tuition programme, it opened her to a world that she was not exposed to in her middle-class background. 

One day,  she discovered a student was having difficulty concentrating because he did not have anything to eat for that day. From then on, she made a decision to learn more about the lives of her students led and grew to be more patient and empathetic of so-called “bad” behaviour.

Tutoring requires creativity too, such as relating their favourite sports to math and science. She was humbled by her students’ values of prioritizing time with loved ones and treasuring friendships made with friends and tutors. Wen Lin’s own confidence grew, as she gave of herself to help her young charges.

Wen Lin hopes more volunteers can step forward to help nurture and influence the next generation through volunteer tutoring. Together, she believes we can change mindsets on our island.