Your Change Changes Lives : Adapting to the New Norm

During these unprecedented times, our clients continue to face many pressing needs. Filos’ services have had to adapt to the new restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Many of our senior clients live alone in the community. Previously, their days were spent at Filos and the neighbouring Senior Activity Centers where they could engage in activities and spend quality time with their friends. Since February 2020, social distancing measures meant seniors had to stay home to stay safe as they are a high risk group for Covid-19 infection. This cut off their social circles. It was made worse because many of them lacked the digital-savviness to connect with their friends virtually.

Filos eldersitters reached out to our senior clients over the phone, patiently guiding them to use WhatsApp video calls. The eldersitters faced many obstacles. These included trying to engage seniors who could not hear well over the phone. It was also difficult to explain terms like “camera button” and “app” to the seniors as well as trying to adapt to the different interfaces of different phone models! 

Despite these challenges, some of our seniors got the hang of it and were able to join in the first online HAPPY sessions conducted for them. HAPPY is an exercise programme that aims to prevent and reverse frailty in community dwelling elderly.

Even as we gather the elderly back into Active Ageing sessions with us, we realise that several of them have grown physically and cognitively weaker after the period of the Circuit Breaker. Our goal is to systematically work with them to restore and maintain their function so that they can continue to age well in the community.

We hope you can join us to continue to help our seniors as well as our other beneficiaries. Our services have switched to online tuition classes and reading programmes, virtual children’s drop in clubs as well as online and limited center based activities for our seniors. We also continue to distribute essential items and rations to vulnerable families. We need your support to make sure we can help as many clients as possible to adjust to the new norm. Your Change Changes Lives! Please give generously today via

If you would like to make a group donation or volunteer for our services, please contact

A Board Game a Day Keeps the Boredom Away!

Mdm Norshimah & Family

When one of our staff who was doing her regular house visit for a client, she chanced upon Mdm Norshimah and her 6 kids. The family was introduced to Filos and has been receiving assistance since then. Her children are aged 2 to 11 years old and 3 of her them attend Filos’ tuition programme. Mdm Norshimah is also a member of our Mother’s Group.

It was definitely not easy for Mdm Norshimah during this period. Her husband had previously worked as a Traffic Marshall. However, as he was not considered to be an essential worker, his job was suspended. Fortunately, she was able to tap on to her entrepreneurial spirit and engage in an online business to support her family. On top of that, the school closure kept her children at home and her 3 oldest children had difficulties coping with home-based learning - they had trouble adapting to the virtual engagement, making the learning experience less than ideal for them.

All this took a toll on Mdm Norshimah’s mental health. Recognising the pressures of motherhood in these circumstances, Filos coordinated efforts to help the family with rations. It was value added with other items for her children, ranging from puzzles, colouring books, loom bands to board games such as Monopoly. The children were really excited and eager to play with their new toys! Monopoly and Galaxy Puzzle kept the children occupied when the adults needed some personal time to themselves. The games also helped the family to bond with each other. Through the games, the children also learnt about solving problems and money management in a fun way.

Mdm Norshimah certainly feels that the time spent in building the bonds within the family, was extremely meaningful. In her own words, “I cherish every moment I spend with my kids.”

We are happy to know that the donated board games have positively benefited Mdm Norshimah’s family and allowed her to enjoy precious moments with her husband and children during the circuit breaker period. This will be a bright spot in the current dismal outlook due to Coviid-19.

If you are keen to make an impact on the lives of our clients in the community, drop us an email at!