Dear Neighbour Campaign Summary

When you first open your door, the first person that you would see is your neighbour. What’s more, in times of emergency, your neighbour would be the first one that you would approach as well.

 The #DearNeighbour advocacy campaign was organized as part of SG Cares Giving Week 2020, in partnership with Singapore Kindness Movement & SG Assist. The campaign aimed to encourage neighbourliness around Bedok Town; to care for one another through acts of kindness such as greetings upon seeing each other, sharing snacks during festive occasions, and helping neighbours run errands. 

Heart warming stories emerged: One participant mentioned how she noticed that her neighbour's kitchen stove was left unattended and catching fire, and she managed to extinguish the fire. The neighbour baked a cake to express her gratitude

Neighbourliness goes beyond Giving Week. Let's continue to show kindness and gratitude to our neighbours & appreciate them in our day to day lives as well. Let us strive to foster a caring community over every location in Singapore! It is important for us to keep the kampung spirit alive and promote care within our communities.

Adopt a Block Recap


The Adopt a Block initiative held in December 2020 was a demonstration of solidarity in our society especially during challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals from corporations, government and religious organizations came forward to donate and distribute rations for the less privileged individuals residing in Bedok Town.

One of our regular corporate partners is DBS Bank, who has been supporting us and contributing to the community in many ways over the past year. We'll hear from KunRong who is an Associate with DBS Bank. She shares her volunteering experience as a young adult.


Filos: What are your thoughts on the Adopt a Block initiative?

Kun Rong: This is a very meaningful event and initiative especially during this Covid-19 period where there are some groups in the community that we should give extra attention and efforts to like the elderly and less privileged . I am excited to be offered the chance to give back to the community and to make a difference in helping their everyday life with daily necessities.


Filos: What drives you to be so involved in volunteering ?

Kun Rong: I believe people choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For me, volunteering is a two-way street - not only can I help those in need, but it also benefits me in many ways in return.It allows me to connect to the community, make new friends and strengthen relationships with the participants who are committed to a shared activity together. In fact, it is also an energizing escape from my day to day routine of work and family commitments, allowing me to take my mind off my own worries while attending to the beneficiaries’ needs.


Filos: What is your advice to young adults intending to participate in volunteering activities, but afraid of committing because of work or personal commitments?

Kun Rong: I think there are different volunteer opportunities available. I suggest to start by looking at volunteering opportunities that are organised by your company. Some employers like DBS Bank provide volunteer leave and encourage employees to volunteer their time and skills. The key is to find an opportunity that you will enjoy and be comfortable doing. Think about the reason why you want to volunteer and what you would enjoy doing. The opportunities that match both your goals and your interest will be fun and fulfilling. Ultimately, volunteering should be  rewarding, not another “chore” on your to-do list.

"Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future which we can all be proud.” -Helen Dyer