Thank You, Our Frontline Workers

Our seniors and children have much to say to the frontline workers who have been working tirelessly during this trying period. Hence we roped them in to pen their personal messages to our frontline workers! These thank you cards were designed by one of our volunteers. Our clients got busy coloring and personalizing the cards as they penned their thanks. It filled their time meaningfully during the Circuit Breaker period

These cards were distributed to the beneficiaries at our Wave of Blessing ration distribution exercise.  Our clients started working on them and expressed their gratitude through simple phrases and drawings, and addressed their heartfelt appreciation to our everyday heroes, including our medical professionals, cleaners, police officers, public servants and other frontline workers. Some even wrote to our staff thanking them for their support and encouragement during this period.

Filos will consolidate the cards and work with the relevant hospitals and agencies to distribute the cards to the workers. We do hope these will brighten up their day and serve as a reminder that their work does not go unnoticed.

On behalf of our staff and clients at Filos Community Services, THANK YOU to all our frontline workers!

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The Power of the Community

Mdm Tan Chwee Lian

Mdm Tan Chwee Lian is one of our seniors who regularly attended our Active Ageing programmes like the HAPPY and STEP OUT programmes.

When we first got to know her a year ago, she was going through a tough time in her life. Her husband had suddenly fallen very sick and it took a hit on her wellbeing. She lost a lot of weight and gradually slipped into a very low mood. Through the persuasion of a family member, she started participating in social activities that allowed her to mingle with others in the community. This allowed her to chance upon Filos and she decided to participate in our Active Ageing activities.

She fondly remembered that the first activity she participated in was a pottery class during a STEP OUT programme held last year. Even though the class enrollment was full, our staff managed to slot her in. There was also a period when she was absent from the Active Ageing activities as she was accompanying her husband in his last days. Despite her absence, our staff continued to keep in contact with her to provide her the emotional support that she needed. All these thoughtful gestures touched her heart.

With the additional help received from her daughter as well as other family members, she was able to better cope with the passing of her husband. During her recent visit to the doctor, she was informed that her medical conditions had improved significantly. She really felt good about that!

We are heartened that Chwee Lian has seen significant improvements to both her physical and mental health. She continues to keep herself busy, doing grocery shopping when required. During the Circuit Breaker, Filos delivered rations as well as in house designed exercise activity sheets to her. We were thrilled that she has been faithfully keeping fit by following these exercise tips

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