• Our Vision

    To see effective functioning of individuals and families

  • Our Mission

    To build resilience and empower individuals and families

  • Our Values

    Accuracy, Dependability, Commitment

    Truthfulness, Honesty, Uprightness

    Friendship, Care and Concern

    Transparency, Frankness and Sincerity

    Serving, Helping, Benefitting Others

About Filos

Filos Community Services is a not-for-profit social service organisation. We focus on building the strengths of the community we live in. We work towards empowering individuals and families to live more fulfilling, meaningful and happier lives.

Whether it is equipping young families with parenting skills, shaping character in children, educating our youth, helping the elderly age in place with grace, or assisting the financially needy, our programmes and services have something for all ages.

Filos Community Services was founded in 2004 and set up as Company limited by guarantee on 7 July 2004. On 19 August 2005, Filos was registered as a Charity, and became a member of NCSS on 18 November 2005.

Filos is affiliated to Amazing Grace Presbyterian Church (http://www.agpc.sg).