Our Aim

Filos Community Mental Health Services support persons who are at risk of or who have mental health issues to live and age well in the community.

Our Impact

Source: 2022, Filos Community Services


CREST Filos @ Kembangan-Chai Chee and Kampong Chai Chee

CREST Filos supports individuals who are 18 years old and above and are at risk of or have mental health conditions such as depression. We also support seniors with dementia to empower them to live and age well in the community. Our services include:

Cognitive Stimulation Programme

Service Boundary: Kampong Chai Chee & Kembangan-Chai Chee

This is a series of workshops conducted in a group setting to improve cognition, independence and well-being for individuals living with mild to moderate dementia. It is an evidence-based programme that adopts a non-pharmaceutical approach to maintaining of cognitive functions of persons with dementia.

CREST Post-Diagnostic Support (PDS) Filos

This is a programme supporting persons who have been newly diagnosed with dementia and their caregivers with befriending, psychoeducation and relevant service linkages. It is a collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Caregivers' Support Network Programme

This programme empowers and supports caregivers with loved ones, residing in Kembangan-Chai Chee and Kampong Chai Chee, who are living with illnesses and/or mental health conditions.

Other CREST Services

Our services also include:

  • Providing linkages to access social, medical and financial services and resources;
  • Engaging seniors with dementia through the Eldersitter Programme at their homes to maintain cognition and general functioning;
  • Promoting awareness on mental health issues through outreach, public talks and in-house workshops;
  • Conducting mental health screening for early detection and treatment for dementia and depression.

COMIT Filos @ Kembangan-Chai Chee and Kampong Chai Chee

Service Boundary: Kampong Chai Chee & Kembangan-Chai Chee

COMIT Filos provides intervention through case management and counselling services by journeying together with clients who face complex mental health challenges. The programme includes:

Aftercare Programme

This is a collaboration with IMH to provide care support to integrate mental health patients into community living.

Other COMIT Services

COMIT Filos also collaborates with various partners, including Integrated Maternal and Child Wellness Hub (IMCWH) at Bedok Polyclinic (SingHealth) to provide community support for ladies with postnatal depression.

Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Seniors and their loved ones may experience challenges and face uncertainty when met with medical crises. Advance Care Planning (ACP) empowers individuals through a series of discussions that help them plan for their future health and personal care. The conversation includes:

  • Sharing personal values and beliefs;
  • Exploring what a person may or may not want in certain medical situations;
  • Choosing someone who will be able to articulate your wishes if you can no longer do so in the future;
  • Recording your wishes and sharing your plan.