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To allow us to match you to a suitable volunteer role and support you as necessary, we seek your understanding and honesty in completing the following declaration:

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By submitting this application, I, the undersigned (and parents of underage volunteers), affirm that I/we will like to submit the above application to volunteer and that I/we have read, understand and agree with the following:

  • I accept full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information and accompanying documents contained herein and understand that any false or misleading information in, or in connection with this application, may be cause for rejection / conclusion of voluntary service. As such, I also authorise Filos Community Services Ltd (herein known as “Filos”) to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information by verifying any and all information contained herein;
  • I will inform Filos of any change in the information given above
  • My involvement in Filos is solely on voluntary basis and shall not involve any form of remunerations, both in monetary terms (e.g. allowance and reimbursement of expenses) as well as in kind (e.g. accommodations and loan of organizational assets), in return for service(s) rendered, unless otherwise stated. My involvement in Filos is not intended to create any employment relationship;
  • I will abide by the policies and procedures set forth by Filos which guides the work of the staff and volunteers in their work with the beneficiaries. I/we understand that these policies and procedures can be provided to me/us on request. When in doubt, I/we will refer to the respective staff for clarifications;
  • I understand that any breach of conduct may lead to a warning of unacceptable behaviour or immediate termination of services as a volunteer;
  • I am fully aware of the risks that might occur in the voluntary services and activities and will not hold the management and staff of Filos responsible for any liability, loss, damage, expense and cost, which the applicant may sustain, incur or receive as a result of such services and activities;
  • I will keep the particulars of the clients at Filos and any other information confidential, failing which disciplinary measures may apply;
  • I do not conduct/solicit any communication with a profit in view with employees/clients of Filos within or outside the premises of Filos;
  • I fully understand and agree that the personal information which I have provided may be disclosed to other agencies or individuals for the purpose of collaboration with partners on volunteering activities that the applicant is involved in
  • I agree that I will not take any photo or video, or make any publications about the clients, staff and/or volunteers under Filos, without seeking prior approval from the person themselves and the Executive Director or the coordinating officer assigned by Filos;
  • I give consent to reproduction and publication of any pictures/videos taken of the applicant in print/social media/other platforms of Filos as well as their partnering organisations while volunteering at Filos, and
  • I give consent to Filos to update me with the services and volunteering opportunities from time to time through newsletters and/or publications via email and phone.