Weathering through the journey of recovery Back to list

75-year-old Mdm Fatimah* has weathered life to build up a fruitful and extensive multi- generational family. However, unknown to many, she still faces the challenge of coping with depression.

“I will drag on, for a couple of days, not knowing what to do. I need somebody to talk to me about the matters that are disturbing me.”

While her family has been providing support within the constraints of their busy schedules, stress and fatigue sets in for everyone, sometimes leading to family conict. It is perhaps timely that Mdm Fatimah was referred to a social worker at Filos Community Services, to fulfil these urgent psychosocial needs in the nick of time. “The way she talks to me makes me feel very happy. She wants to know more about me.”

Since then the engagements between Filos’ social workers and volunteers with Mdm Fatimah have become regular, and despite the simplicity of these interactions, having a much-needed listening ear plays a big part in uplifting her spirits immensely.

She has since built up the resilience to communicate better with her family members, and has even taken to cooking new dishes as a form of self-care, as well as extending care to her family. “When they eat, they feel very nice, to have something different.”

The journey of recovery often starts small, but its positive effects build up, such that Mdm Fatimah now enjoys her get-togethers with family members, with Filos Community Services continuing to guide and support her in the journey of recovery.

*The client’s name has been changed to protect her identity.