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Cheerful greetings and wide grins from senior citizens greet Mr Kingsley Chen every morning. He checks in on their mood, health, and daily needs, as well as keeps them mentally active and engaged in activities. His labour of love brings joy and relief to many senior citizens who are living alone. 

Kingsley is the Centre Manager of Sunlove Chai Chee Senior Activity Centre(SAC). Sunlove SAC is one of Filos’ long-standing partners in Kembangan Chai Chee. Over the years, Filos Volunteer Centre has deployed more than 230 volunteers to this SAC and more recently, jointly distributed over 400 sets of donated food rations and daily essential items to residents from 4 rental blocks served by them. 

Kingsley shared: “The partnership has been of great impact to us because they (Filos) provide varied activities for our seniors. As of now, due to Covid-19, we are restricted in the number of seniors who can enter the Centre but with the increased number of volunteers provided by Filos, we are able to run more sessions with smaller groups and as such, we are able to extend the activities to more seniors.” 

The pandemic might have disrupted our economy, but in our community, the efforts of our volunteers continue to blossom. Since the Volunteer Centre was established in 2019, Filos has worked with 54 Social Service Agencies in Bedok Town in a collaborative effort to build a more caring society. We welcome individuals, corporates, schools and community partners who are keen to be a part of this journey to drop us an email at and find out more!