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Ms Belle Chong was looking for new avenues to use her spare time meaningfully when she came across Filos’ Bread Distribution* programme in January this year.

While Belle is not new to volunteering, the distribution exercise gave her insights into the living conditions and lifestyles of beneficiaries residing in rental blocks. She cites a scene of a group of volunteers bringing companionship to a single elderly residing in a rental unit, speaking volumes about the importance of small acts of kindness.

This motivated in Belle, not just to continue to take part in the distribution exercise, but also to sponsor 200 packs of Milo for the next distribution, as she saw for herself how the resources would go a long way to help needy clients. The inspiration to donate instant beverages came from none other than her own mother who enlightened her on the needs of seniors.

“She shared with me that older people might not cook often and advised me to get them something easy to use, but healthy as well, such as beverages.”

Drawing on these experiences, Belle exhorts those who are hesitant that there is no time like the present to step up in extending acts of service, as beneficiaries need help now, more than ever before, to meet their daily needs.

“It is good to help others. Let us continue to do it.”

*Filos Community Services is whitelisted by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), to continue distributing essential items to its beneficiaries amidst the pandemic. If you are keen to volunteer, please contact to find out more!