All-rounded support: Siti Hawa's story Back to list

For single mother Siti Hawa, her 1-room rental unit is perpetually a full house. Her hands too are full from caregiving duties and her full-time job. The sole breadwinner to her mother and two children, aged 2 and 12 years old, Siti has been working hard to save up for a BTO flat for her family and cope with the fluctuating costs of living.

To help Siti’s family with their daily needs, Filos Community Services has been supporting them through ‘Waves of Blessing’, a monthly food distribution programme, and supplying provisions such as diapers and milk powder for her young child.

Meanwhile, her 12-year-old daughter has also been engaged in Filos’ initiatives which support children and youths in their academic studies and character development. She has benefitted from the mentorship of our dedicated volunteers and also attends Filos’ weekly tuition and Green Spot enrichment programmes.

Through Filos’ suite of services, we hope to empower underprivileged families such as Siti’s in the hopes of helping them stay resilient through difficult times so that they may have the confidence and support to strive towards their dreams.