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On 9th and 10th Dec, two groups of (soon-to-be) friends came together to participate in Filos’ first Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP). An activity-packed two days awaited our eager participants from our Eldercare and Family, Children & Youth services at Filos.

“I was nervous when I first met the elderly as I am worried that we cannot communicate but when we talk more, we start to understand each other better and I am no longer nervous. I felt happy!” shared Kayla (12 years old) about her friend, Mdm Ong (80 years old). On the first day, Kayla and Mdm Ong participated in an activity where Mdm Ong shared about her experiences growing up in a kampong, while Kayla drew out scenes from Mdm Ong’s childhood. When asked how it was like doing activities with her new friend, Mdm Ong happily remarked, “Kayla was good. She coloured with me. It was fun! I really like children.”

On the second day, 13-year-old Bilal also engaged his new friend, Mdm Go (80 years old) in an art and craft activity to make plastic bag holders. Despite the language barrier between the two, Bilal and Mdm Go used their drawings and hand gestures to communicate with each other. Bilal proudly shares, “I learned how to have teamwork,” while Mdm Go happily noted, “I had fun and he taught me what to do. I really enjoy the different activities at Filos and try to attend whenever I can!”

It was a truly meaningful and fun-filled 2 days of intergenerational learning and we are heartened to see our young and old beneficiaries forming new friendships!

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