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Aunty Chua is one of our clients who attended the Digital Learning Circle programme at Filos. She is one of the most tech savvy elderly we have ever met, and at 81 years of age this year, she continues to attend classes regularly to enrich herself. "It is my passion", Aunty Chua says candidly. She describes herself as someone with a "curious personality".

The learning journey to acquire digital literacy skills was not always smooth sailing. Aunty Chua shared that it was daunting for her to use the mobile phone initially, as there were steps that were complicated.

However, she persevered through the process, and she now uses her mobile phone every day. It has become an important device for her to remain connected with her friends and to acquire information digitally.

Practice makes perfect!

Aunty Chua is also a strong advocate of lifelong learning. The tagline that she constantly shares with us is "活到老,学到老". Translated from mandarin it means "To keep learning even as an elderly". Besides attending the Digital Learning Circle classes at Filos, she has been taking singing classes at other venues prior to the pandemic. She looks forward to being able to sing again with her friends. 

We would like to extend our appreciation to Heartware Network and IMDA for mobilizing volunteers and facilitators to guide our seniors in the Digital Learning Circle programme. It is essential in today's society for our elderly to be equipped with basic digital literacy skills. It is a rewarding learning journey that they can all look forward to.