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When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many schools transitioned to virtual home-based learning (HBL) which required students to use technological devices to access classes.

However, for Primary 6 student, Alisha*, this proved to be a significant road bump in her studies due to the lack of technological resources, such as a laptop and stable internet connection at home. Similarly, fellow Primary 6 student, Billy* also faced difficulties transitioning to HBL, having to share one laptop with his other siblings.

Both students are part of Filos Community Services’ Tuition programme and are bright and enthusiastic learners. When our staff learnt about Alisha’s plight, a donated laptop and stable internet was secured for her. Both children, in their PSLE year, were also identified for the TCher Online Sponsorship Programme.

At TCher Online, former MOE teachers help support students from Primary 4 to Secondary 2 in their studies. With its live-streamed online classes and video playback capabilities, students are able to learn in an interactive environment. Parents can also meet the teachers weekly to discuss their child’s progress.

With Filos’ support, Alisha and Billy have benefitted much from their TCher Online classes. “I enjoy learning from TCher Online and it is very helpful for me. I’m getting better and improving and I feel supported when I learn. Thank you to TCher Online and especially to Filos for sending me”, says Billy.

Parents have also found the programme to be helpful, as highlighted by Alisha’s parents, “My child always looks forward to these lessons. I would like to thank the teachers for teaching my child.”


*Our clients’ names have been changed to protect their identities.