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What does happiness mean to you? It's a question that knows no bounds and can be found in the most unexpected places.

Recently, we brought our senior and children beneficiaries together over the course of 4 sessions to explore what happiness means to them through an Intergenerational Art Therapy Workshop, led by our talented artist volunteer, Stacy.

Over the course of four sessions, something truly magical unfolded. Stacy started by guiding the children in creating a vibrant mind map, capturing what brings them joy. Thereafter, the children were paired with our seniors, and together they embarked on getting to know one another, finding out what happiness means to them too. Inspired by their newfound connections, the seniors crafted their own mind maps with the guidance of their young partners.

As they delved deeper, they discovered shared experiences of happiness, creating bonds that transcended age. It was a heartwarming sight to see two different generations engaging. Over the last two sessions, our beneficiaries were challenged to create a portable art piece—a collection of objects, colours and images that could be carried in their pockets, serving as reminders of the happiness they found together.

"Working together with Aunty Doris is fun, especially when we got to combine the things we love to create this artwork." shared Angel, one of our young beneficiaries. Her partner, Aunty Doris added, “Angel loves to draw, and I like to paint. So she drew the outline of the painting and I helped her touch up our artwork. It was good team work.” 

Through the universal language of art, our seniors and children discovered that happiness is a thread that unites us all, regardless of age. At Filos, we are proud to provide meaningful opportunities for our beneficiaries, creating lasting memories and nurturing a sense of belonging in our community.

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