Fun with Mobile: Empowering Seniors Back to list

“I only used my mobile phone for making calls and watching videos. I had not known I could do this,” a senior participant at our Digital Literacy workshop shared.

After the new year’s rejuvenation in spirits for everyone, Filos continued to keep our Active Ageing Centre (AAC) clients stimulated through a series of programmes. On 9 Feb, the seniors had fun exploring different mobile functions and learning about mobile technology vigilance.

The interactive activities of mix-and-match and mental sums, were injected with lunar new year elements (such as matching of red packet designs, calculation of Chinese Zodiac year) and conducted both online and onsite, keeping the participants in the joyful festive mood, while getting them acquainted with smart device functions they had not known were available.  

The programme also included an informative sharing by a member of Bedok’s Community Policing Unit, on preventive measures to take against mobile scams. Our friendly neighbourhood representative in blue raised awareness of this increasingly prevalent issue in a lighted-hearted manner, equipping our participants with much-needed knowledge on how to handle them.

This unique and engaging time of digital exploration, matched with education of mobile technology vigilance, has been warmly received by the participants, as was evident from their enthusiasm and feedback. “Thank goodness I know how to use my mobile phone safely. I will ignore these types of messages when I see them,” a senior participant shared with relief.

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