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Did you know that World Social Work Day falls on 21 March this year? On this day, we commemorate the amazing work and dedication of social workers and social service professionals.

Social workers play an essential role in society, providing a range of vital services for those in need. From helping individuals and families overcome life’s challenges to advocating for social justice, these incredible professionals work tirelessly to make a difference in people’s lives.

Aaron Chan, Filos’ Senior Social Worker (Eldercare) describes his journey. "The work I do as a social worker is meaningful as I get to work directly with those in need,” shares Aaron on why he made the switch from Engineering to Social Work.

It is not always easy and there are good days and bad days too. “What keeps me going is having a reflective practitioner approach, as I try to think about how I can do things differently for the betterment of my clients. Most importantly, I have to remind myself to be kind and not be too hard on myself,” says Aaron on what motivates him to persevere through the difficult times. “Seeing the satisfaction of my clients is my best reward, especially when their needs are met.”

To Aaron, social work also provides ample opportunities not just to discover oneself but also to help others discover that they have strengths and resources to overcome their issues and problems.

We would like to thank Aaron and all social service professionals who have dedicated their lives to serving others to empower them. Happy Social Work Day!

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