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“We always had ngoh hiang (Chinese Five Spice Meat Rolls) and my parents will buy us new clothes for the new year,” Mdm Goh fondly reminisced about how she used to spend Chinese New Year as a child.

Mdm Goh attends Filos’ Eldersitter Programme. This is a home-based programme for seniors with dementia with the aim of keeping them socially and cognitively engaged for good physical, mental and emotional health. Having lived a long life, we asked Mdm Goh, who is 94 years old, about how her family celebrated the festive season.

Though she had difficulty remembering more intricate details of the celebrations, Mdm Goh was still able to recount certain parts of the festivities fondly. Like many kids, Mdm Goh looked forward to getting new clothes and receiving angpaos (red packets) every Chinese New Year from her relatives when visiting them. When she had her own family, her niece and friends would visit her too.

The Eldersitter programme journeys with seniors like Mdm Goh, stimulating their memory through reminiscence activities and other cognitive exercises. This helps them to maintain their function to be able to age well, enjoying quality of life in their senior years. On top of caring for the seniors with dementia, Filos also provides support to caregivers to empower them with knowledge and skills to build better family relationships and care for their loved ones at home.

If you would like to find out more about our Eldersitting services, please contact us at 80306423 or info@filos.sg.