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Meet Jhoti, a retired Child Care Principal and teacher of 25 years, whose dedication to volunteerism knows no bounds. At Filos, she has found her calling as a senior volunteer, impacting the lives of our beloved seniors and children. In this heartfelt interview, Jhoti shares her inspiring journey and encourages others to embrace the joy of senior volunteerism.

After retiring, Jhoti yearned for a meaningful way to spend her newfound freedom. "During my time volunteering with a Residents’ Committee (RC), I discovered Filos and decided to join the HAPPY Interest Group," she shares. Keeping herself and fellow seniors active became a source of fulfillment. Soon, she also lent her warmth and wisdom to The Early Learning Programme (ELP), supporting children from vulnerable backgrounds in literacy and numeracy education.

Jhoti spoke passionately about the distinct rewards of serving both seniors and children. “Volunteering with seniors has helped me make new friends and boosted my confidence, and teaching children gives me great satisfaction, especially when they show improvement.”

Reflecting on her work with seniors, Jhoti shared a poignant experience. "There was an elderly lady who initially seemed disengaged, preferring to observe rather than participate. With patience and gentle encouragement, I stood by her, coaxing her out of her shell. Gradually, she blossomed into an active participant.” Witnessing this transformation filled Jhoti with joy, knowing she had guided her in the right direction towards active ageing.

Jhoti's commitment to Filos has enriched her own life, solidifying her as a beacon of inspiration within the Filos community and reminding us that age is no barrier to making a difference.

For seniors who are hesitant to volunteer, Jhoti offers heartfelt advice. “I believe that seniors possess invaluable skills that can impact others’ lives. By embracing volunteerism, seniors find motivation, fulfillment, and meaningful connections.”

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