Kai Jie's Journey of Giving with Filos Back to list

Meet Kai Jie, a 20-year-old with a passion for making a difference. As we approach International Volunteer Day on December 5th, let's hear from Kai Jie about his commitment and the profound impact of volunteering on his life.

Introduced to Filos in 2021 by a friend from junior college, Kai Jie's initial foray into volunteering involved the Little Sprouts Jolly Phonics Programme. After a hiatus during A levels, Kai Jie returned post-National Service, eagerly investing his time to interact and support children with their studies through Filos’ Tuition Programme.

"To me, volunteering is about giving freely, offering help and time without expecting anything in return. It gives me a sense of fulfillment, and I have fun interacting with the children," Kai Jie shared, emphasising the reciprocal joy of the volunteer experience. His motivation, deeply rooted in gratitude for a student mentor who aided him during his schooling years, is now a guiding light in his mission to pay it forward.

Holding out hope for beneficiaries deeply resonates with Kai Jie, who sees volunteers not only as educators but as friends and a source of comfort for the children. "Through volunteering and spending time with the children, you are not only a teacher but also a friend, a listening ear, and someone that looks out for them," he affirmed.

For those considering volunteering, Kai Jie's words echo with wisdom: "Come in with an open mind and without any expectations. Be ready to help out and just enjoy yourself during the process. Maybe you’ll find out that it’s something you like doing!"

In the spirit of International Volunteer Day, let's celebrate Kai Jie and all volunteers for their unwavering commitment to holding out hope and spreading joy in the lives of those they support.

Check out the volunteering opportunities at the end of this newsletter, or email us at volunteer@filos.sg, to start your volunteering journey today!