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We’re pleased to welcome Emmanuel Ng, the newest addition to the Filos family, as he shares his dreams, and hopes for the future.

Emmanuel joined Filos after dedicating his time to a non-profit organisation empowering disadvantaged women. As he settles into his role as a Community Engagement Executive at SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Bedok, operated by Filos, Emmanuel reflects on his journey and the inspirations that led him here.

"When I heard about Filos, it struck a chord with me," Emmanuel shares. "I've been volunteering at my church for over a decade, working with youth and children. Filos resonated with my belief in 'doing little things with great love’.'"

His initial worries about fitting into the team quickly dissipated. "My colleagues at Filos have been incredibly warm and friendly," he says. "Their inclusiveness and the camaraderie we share go beyond the workplace. It's like being part of a big, caring family."

As a Community Engagement Executive, Emmanuel connects volunteers with over 70 partners and social service agencies in Bedok. "I find it inspiring and fulfilling to connect with like-minded people who want to make a difference," he remarks.

The transition from his previous position to Filos brought its challenges, especially for an introvert like Emmanuel. "Stepping out of my comfort zone was tough, but the smiles of beneficiaries and positive volunteering experiences make it all worthwhile," he admits.

Emmanuel is looking forward to the new year, and he hopes to achieve personal growth and see Filos continue to build stronger communities. He is particularly excited about upcoming projects, such as the East Zone Cluster Meeting and the poverty simulation workshop, which aims to bridge gaps in understanding between people from different social classes.

For those considering a career in social service, Emmanuel's advice is simple yet profound: "Do something you love. If you enjoy helping people and making a positive impact, the social service sector is for you."