Celebrating Katheleen’s Contributions Back to list

Katheleen, or Kath as she's affectionately known, has been the unwavering cornerstone of Filos’ administration for over a decade. Since 2011, Kath has meticulously managed the intricacies of finance, IT, HR, fundraising, governance, and facilities management, ensuring the smooth operation of the organisation. 

Her journey with Filos began as a volunteer, drawn by the passion and vision of the staff and leaders. "I was attracted by the values in service and the vision exhibited by the organisation’s leaders. It resonated with me, and I plunged in to join as a staff in 2011, and there is no turning back since," Kath reminisces with a smile.

Her tenure at Filos is marked by numerous memorable moments. One that stands out is the move to a void deck office space in Chai Chee in 2015. "We once shared space with a fruit stall that blasted heavy metal rock music throughout the day. Now reminiscing back, I am amazed we were still able to function in that environment," she recalls, laughing. 

Kath believes that administration is the backbone of Filos. "Each department plays an important role and we complement each other. The administration team plays the supporting role for the other departments who deliver direct services to clients in the community," she explains. Kath ensures that payroll is on time and that resources are managed with integrity. Her work, though often behind the scenes, is crucial for the trust and confidence of funders, donors, and staff.

Her motivation stems from working with like-minded colleagues who are like family. "We build each other up and grow together," she shares. A particularly proud moment for Kath was receiving the Charity Transparency Award in 2019 and again in subsequent years. 

Looking ahead, Kath’s aspirations for Filos are simple yet profound: "To be true to our name, Filos or Phileo in Greek, to show brotherly love, to be a friend to others, especially those in need." Her message for Filos’ 20th anniversary is a testament to her dedication: "Be the best we can faithfully be with integrity and love, and to bring out the best in others.”