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With some time in between jobs, Ruth had some spare time on her hands. That was when her friend, Christine, suggested doing some baking to bless the community. Rallying support from their friends, they gathered 9 mummies and their children to come together for this baking project.

The first bakeout with Filos was carried out in May 2020 during the Circuit Breaker. Each mum and their children did the baking in their own homes and coordinated to pack and deliver the goodies to the beneficiaries at Filos. Since then, the team has continued baking goodies for our clients on an ad-hoc basis.

Earlier this year, when Christine learned that Filos serves a group of mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds, she was spurred to bake cakes for their birthdays as a way of letting them know they are appreciated. She recalls receiving a photo of a mother and her 4 children smiling so excitedly, surrounding the cake she had baked. Christine thought, “Wow! My small cake is barely enough for this family, yet it has been such a big blessing for them!”

Ruth echoes this perspective that simple efforts can bless others, and when you do so with a group of friends, the blessings are multi-fold. She also pointed out that the whole experience did not just benefit the clients, but the mums and children had fun coming together to turn their hobby into something that brings joy to others.

If you are inspired to bless our community with your talents, please write to us at volunteer@filos.sg.