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Embracing A Holistic Partnership

Raising a mature child is an awesome and rewarding responsibility. This article focuses on raising a young school going child.

It requires a strategic synergistic partnership comprising the three core components of School, Home and the Child as shown below.

The tripartite partnership is based on genuine trust – trust between family and staff and vice versa. When a child sees this trust in action and a positive relationship is established between these two mature components, the child will trust the school and home in guiding him or her to maturity.

The trust between school and home can be established by defining their core responsibility in education.

The school is adequately equipped to teach the child with academic and character competencies. The family is amply equipped to guide the child to experience the benefits of these competencies.

For example, every school in Singapore subscribes to a set of student core values which are taught to their pupils through various school platforms. Parents should adopt the values as practical family values. Instead of teaching, they should practically live out the values in the presence of their children and guide them to assimilate them in their daily experiences.

More specifically, the school may teach children to be self-disciplined. Parents can reinforce it by guiding their children to wake up on time to go to school and set their own study and play time every day.

Trust the school to equip your child efficiently with the values taught to them. Do your part to reinforce the values through regular and consistent guidance. A mature child will be formed over time. Therefore,

Parental Guide to adopt what the Schools Equip children with, will produce Child’s Maturity in life development

The dream of every school and home - to produce a GEM that everyone will be proud of!


Mr Nicholas Choo

Family Life Educator
Filos Community Services