Our Aim

To engage volunteers, partners and stakeholders in identifying the strengths and needs of the community and to journey together to address these needs through volunteerism.

Our Statistics

SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Bedok:


Volunteers were engaged across different programmes


Individuals volunteer regularly with us


Volunteering hours dedicated to helping our beneficiaries


Of our volunteers are satisfied with their experience at Filos

Source: 2019, Filos Community Services

SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Bedok

Filos Community Services has been appointed by the SG Cares Office as the SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Bedok since March 2019.

As an SG Cares Volunteer Centre, our goal is to build volunteer capacity, develop volunteer management capabilities and foster community partnerships to strengthen Bedok town’s effectiveness in meeting community needs.

All efforts as an SG Cares VC support the SG Cares Movement, a national initiative to foster a more caring and inclusive home for all.

Building Volunteer Capacity and Fostering Community Partnerships

We curate suitable volunteering opportunities for individual volunteers, schools and corporate partners and link them up with different Social Service Agencies (SSAs) with programmes matching their interests and skill sets.

Adopt a Block

Kindness can manifest in different forms, and no act of kindness is too small. During the SG Cares Giving Week 2020, 14 organisations and 180 volunteers came together to donate and distribute rations to 2,804 beneficiaries living in 19 rental blocks in Bedok town.

SG Cares-Gojek Medical Transport Subsidy Scheme 2019 - 2021

We co-designed the scheme to reduce the financial burden of eligible individuals who require transportation for medical visits. The scheme is coordinated and administered in collaboration with the Kembangan Chai-Chee Social Team and other community partners.

Other Projects with Schools and Corporate Partners

We also work with individual and group volunteers to co-organise, plan and initiate projects to better serve and bring cheer to our beneficiaries. Some of our current school and corporate partners include Singapore Institute of Technology, Temasek Polytechnic, Cognizant and DBS Bank.


Developing Volunteer Management Capabilities

We conduct training workshops for our volunteers regularly. We believe in developing our volunteers by helping them acquire relevant knowledge and skill sets that will enable them to perform better in their given roles, enhance their capabilities and encourage personal growth even beyond their volunteering journey.

Corporate Networking Sessions

Corporate Networking Sessions are regularly organised to bring together stakeholders from corporate organisations, schools and the public sector to discuss and share on the volunteering opportunities in Bedok town.

School VIA Networking Sessions

We organise the Values in Action (VIA) networking sessions to provide schools and SSAs in Bedok town with a common platform to share and collaborate on volunteering projects.

East Zone Cluster Sessions

Networking sessions are conducted with other SSAs, on a regular basis, to share best practices and brainstorm solutions to common challenges. This is also a platform for SSAs to gather and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Training Workshops

We work with our partners, such as Changi General Hospital and South East CDC, skills-based volunteers and experienced professionals to provide regular training for our volunteers to better equip them on their volunteering journey.