Building Strong Marriages & Families

Strong families form the basic core of healthy communities. Nurturing and transmission of values and character takes place in the safety of the home environment.

Filos' Family Life Education Programmes aim to Build the Resilience of Families, empowering spouses, parents and children with skills to strengthen their relationships with each other, to support and encourage each other in the ups and downs of life and living.

Parenting Workshop on Communication and Parent-Child Relationship

  • Parenting with Heart
  • Parents Plus
  • Parent - Teen Reality Check
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Parenting Talks on Child/Youth Issues

  • Breaking the Silence : Talk to your Child / Teen about Sexuality
  • Sexuality in the Digital Age

Parenting Talks on Character, Values and Child Development

  • Maximising the Learning Potential of Your Child!
  • Charting a Road Map for your Family
  • M.O.U.L.D. your Child's Character!

Marriage Workshops

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • Two Ears and One Mouth
  • Seven Principles of a Healthy Marriage


"Speaker was very eloquent and fluent in her presentation. Had good flow and the elaboration was succinct for us to understand enough of the content. Content was organised as well as the activities very well thought out."

(Timothy Gan, Participant of Family Life education talk "Knowing Me, Knowing You")