Building Strong Marriages & Families


Strong families form the basic core of healthy communities. Nurturing and transmission of values and character takes place in the safety of the home environment.


Filos' Family Life Education Programmes aim to Build the Resilience of Families, empowering spouses, parents and children with skills to strengthen their relationships with each other, to support and encourage each other in the ups and downs of life and living.


Parenting Workshops on Communication and Parent-Child Relationships

   Parenting with Heart

   This programme aims to equip parents with knowledge and skills to build their relationship with their child/children.

   There are 4 modules of parenting equipping sessions:

  • Understanding with Heart - Parental Roles and Styles through the Ages and Stages of Child/Teen Development
  • Feeling with Heart - Emotional Coaching, Managing Stress and Anger
  • Conecting with Heart - Communicating with your Child/Teen
  • Solving with Heart - Dealing with Conflict with your Child/Teen

   The programme would include coaching sessions in a small group setting for more lasting impact and better application.

   Parents Plus

   The Parents Plus Children's Programme (PPCP) is an evidence based parenting programme that draws on well researched ideas on parent-child    

   communication, relationship buidling and behavior management.

   PPCP aims to help parents find ways to help their children to:

  • Solve parenting problems in a positive way that helps children learn
  • Manage difficult behavior and discipline problems
  • Help their children be more co-operative and to learn to keep to rules
  • Help their children learn and to reach their full potential at school

Parenting Talks on Cyberwellness:

According to research surveys in Singapore, teenagers spend an average of 17.2h per week online. 49% of parents never check the websites visited by their children. 90% of parents do not use Internet filtering services.

We live in an age and culture where IT, Media and Cyber issues are part of daily life. To top it off, the speed of change that takes place in Cyberworld occurs at an extremely fast pace and very often, parents are left bewildered by what goes on with their teen and their online activities. Very often, our youth know more than their parents about Cyber issues and roles are reversed as parents seek advice from their children things related to IT.

How can we fulfil our roles in guiding our teens so that they are aware of the various challenges and can independently stay safe and responsible in their use of the computer and the internet? How do we bring about balance in virtual and real life issues for our teens?

This workshop will explore with parents and enlighten them on different Cyber issues. It gives an update on current common online activities of children and youth as well as impart tips to parents on how to guide children through some of these issues.

Parenting Talks on Discipline:

Discipline may be defined as ‘training that develops self control.’ That may seem like a challenging task when parents are faced with disrespectful children or rebellious teenagers. Parents may then be at a loss as how to control their kids and how to build values into their children’s lives. When should I be strict? When can I be lenient? How can I enforce rules, yet communicate love?

This workshop will help parents to explore what discipline means and how to practice it effectively with love and care for their children. Parents will discover the role they play as well as important principles to guide them as they coach their children through the rough and tumble stages of their development. Parents gain knowledge of their role in disciplining through the developmental ages and stages of their children. Parents gain knowledge on the parenting styles that aid or hinder effective discipline. Parents learn practical skills to discipline their children/teenagers with love

Parenting Talks on Personal, Character and Values Development:

Help kids reach their potential in their studies by discovering their learning styles and natural intelligence. Learn to identify the strengths of your child to help them discover their talents and reach their potential. Receive tips on effectively supporting your child as they face the stress of their studying

Every parent has hope and dream for their children to be successful and happy, having a sense of achievement in things that they do. Yet when the rubber hits the road, parents may feel lost and inadequate to know how to help their children identify and groom their talents. This workshop will help parents to understand their role in the different stages of their child's development, to help them unlock their potential and grow in the area of their strengths. Parents discover the possible multiple intelligences of their children and learn how to build confidence and creativity in the lives of their kids.

Bringing children up from pre-school to primary and through to the teenage and young adulthood years is a challenging and daunting task. Each stage of the growing up years present different challenges unique to that stage of development. Parents need to adapt to these changing needs. Unfortunately, there is often no road map for parents, who need to feel their way, through trial and error, in bringing up their kids.

This workshop presents to parents the exciting of journey of parenting children, teenagers and young adults. The different big issues at each stage of their child’s development will be discussed, together with important aspects of parenting like Communication and Conflict Management with teenagers. Tips will be shared on the important foundations that need to be built into our children’s lives and milestones in their development highlighted. This workshop will give you the big picture of parenting, and inspire you to self evaluate and think of the true goal of parenting

Learn how to identify and deal with stress in your child, with tips on how to manage stress as well.

Children grow very quickly in many ways – physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. At each stage of their development, certain aspects become important for parents to pay attention to, so that optimum guidance can be given to the child for that particular stage of their growth. This talk will bring parents through the stages of their children’s development from the pre-school to pre-teen years. Parents will receive tips on parenting skills to navigate their children through their growing years.

It is easy to grow up in today's world chasing materialistic and academic goals at all costs. As parents, we all want our children to succeed in life. As we focus on giving them a head start in life through an education in school, the best gift we can give to them is the gift of strong values and character that will guide them through life.
How to we go about building character in our children? It is easy to talk about character development, but much harder to pin it down to actual steps we can take to pass on values and principles to our children.
This workshop will give parents knowledge and skills to M.O.U.L.D. their children's character as an anchor to their lives.

Every Child a Leader – learn ways to encourage the leadership potential of your child.

Parenting Talks on Sexuality:

What our teens think about sexuality may surprise you, but what they are doing sexually may surprise you even more. Very often parents put off talking to their children about sexuality, believing their kids are too young. Or parents may be tongue tied and uncomfortable when it comes to talking to their teen about sex. Yet, research shows that when parents engage their children in this topic, the likelihood of their children engaging in pre-marital or risky sex behaviour drops significantly.
This talk will give parents an overview of the Youth Sexuality scene in Singapore. It also discusses key issues in youth sexuality and also gives tips on how parents can engage their teens in this important phase of their growing up years.

The impact and influence of the internet, social and traditional media has exposed our children and youth not only to a wealth of information but also issues which may be sensitive to talk about at home, such as sexuality. In this session, parents will gain insights to the latest information on sexual health, learn more about the influence of the internet and media on their child and how they can better communicate with their children on the topic of sexuality.

Parenting Talks on Transition to Primary/Secondary School:

Starting Secondary School is an exciting time for a teenager as they come into a new school environment; make new friends and journey through the teenage years. These are really transitional years as your child grows physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

This talk enlightens parents on Secondary School demands and expectations and how to guide your youth through these challenges. Parents will also gain insight into what the modern teen is like, and the world and paradigms that they live in. Foundational tips to help parents navigate the teen years and to build harmonious relationships with their teens will also be shared.

Understanding the Pressures of Secondary School Life Understanding Youth Culture and the Post-Modern Teen Parenting Tips to navigate pre-teens and teens through the transitional years: Communication, Respect, Acceptance and Managing Expectations.

Family Life Education Talks for Working Adults:

Modern Day living is filled with many stresses and demands: Career demands challenge us – pressing datelines, back to back meetings and projects, horrible bosses, incorrigible peers. Family duties press in on us: kid’s exams, teenage behaviour issues, and ailing parents. How can we cope with work and family and find time for ourselves as well?

This workshop will help you gauge your own work-life balance and give tips on how to manage the differing demands in your life, including tips for stress management. Be refreshed and inspired with and new perspectives and insights to bring balance to your life!

Core Content:
Self Evaluation of current personal work life balance
Discussion on components of work life balance: life in a fast paced world
What should be our priorities? Managing Work and Finances, the Place of Family, the importance of Self Care.

Marriage Workshops

    Seven Principles of a Healthy Marriage                                                                                                                                                                                  

Target Audience : Married Couples

Every marriage can be improved and enjoyed to the maximum despite the lack of time, heavy schedules and responsibilities of work, children and household. Discover how you can keep your marriage healthy and strong with seven principles based on Gottman Couples' Research and Therapy. Couples will learn to change destructive patterns and renew positive behavior to deepen their relationship with each other.


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"Speaker was very eloquent and fluent in her presentation. Had good flow and the elaboration was succinct for us to understand enough of the content. Content was organised as well as the activities very well thought out."

(Timothy Gan, Participant of Family Life education talk "Knowing Me, Knowing You")