Promoting Physical and Mental Wellness for elderly in the community


Filos' Elderly Services provides a one-stop, home based, value-added service of Care for elderly living in the Kembangan-Chai Chee community.


The seamless delivery of services aims to build a community that fosters social inclusion and engagement, allowing older persons of all ages age in place, living their silver and golden years in familiar surroundings which they are happy to call HOME.


Care in the Community for all elderly

Care in the Community provides services for all seniors who are 40 years old and above through 3 programmes:

  • Social Wellness Programme

Promoting social, emotional, physical and mental wellness for all elderly.


  • More Than Friends Programme

Befriending vulnerable elderly with chronic diseases, empowering them to self-manage their physical/mental conditions more effectively in the community. 

  • Screening for Dementia and Depression

  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar checks

  • Falls Assessment

  • Case Management services


  • Home Care Programme

Providing frail elderly with assistance in Activities of Daily Living, so that they can age well in the community.



Community Befriending Programme

Befriending programme for seniors who are 50 years old and above, who live in Kembangan-Chai Chee.



CREST (Community Resources, Engagement & Support Team)

In Singapore, 20% of the total population will be above the age of 65 by the year 2030.

The prevalence of dementia will likewise increase over the coming years. Currently the estimated numbers of persons with dementia is 25,000 and this is set to rise to 53,000 by 2020.


CREST serves as a community network for people with dementia, depression and other mental health issues as well as caregivers who need the additional support to care for their loved ones. CREST links clients with the appropriate mental health care and social support networks through outreach and education.


The programme serves seniors who are 40 years old and above.


Eldersitter Programme

The eldersitter programme provides home-based intervention with cognitive and physical stimulation, engagement in meaningful activities and social interaction of clients with dementia.


The programme also provide respite, support and information for the caregivers of persons with dementia.




Jane* (not her real name) was happy to meet Filos staff at the hawker centre near our office. As we chatted over lunch we could not help but notice how happier and relaxed she has become since we first met her a year ago.


We received a call from her a year ago to enquire regarding Filos’ Eldersitter programme. She suspected that her dad has been suffering from dementia for over ten years before he was finally diagnosed. It had been a very challenging journey for her family. Her father has a strong character and is a stern man, and Jane was not close to him. He had been behaving inappropriately, for example, urinating into flower pots and laundry baskets, and was always looking for food even late at night. She and her mother are his caregivers and they were both exasperated and resentful as they could not get him to change his ways. She felt angry and hurt each time he yelled at her.


Jane saw a poster about Filos’ Eldersitter programme, and in desperation called for our assistance. Jane only wished for some respite and for his condition not to deteriorate further, for the strain had proven too challenging for them.


We started activities with Jane’s father at their home, to help him maintain his cognitive abilities. It was encouraging for Jane to notice that her dad, who has a very short attention span, was able to focus well on activities we conducted with him. He really enjoyed playing chess. She was surprised that Filos staff were able to relate lovingly and gently with her father, when even they themselves and other people are usually hostile to him.


As we were finishing up the conversation with Jane, she said she was glad we encouraged her to consider having caregivers’ support and training at Alzheimer’s Disease Association. She finally realized it was not her father’s rudeness but his deteriorated condition which reduced his speech to single-words. Her dad recently fell quite ill and she realized they do not have much more time with him. She has since renewed her love and motivation to care for her dad.



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