Building Resiliency and Character

Filos' Children & Youth Programmes aim to build the resilience of the younger generation, imparting character education and lifeskills to them that will help them in their holistic development, thus helping them to cope with the challenges of modern day demands and nurturing them to fulfill their potential.


Our Lifeskills Education Programmes include:

  • Sexuality Education Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools students, Polytechnic and ITE students, At Risk and Special Needs students. These include:
    • I’m Proud to be Me (Primary School students)
    • Friends and Foes (Primary School students)
    • Drawing the Line (Secondary School students)
    • eTeens (Sec 3 students)
    • YOUth Matters! (At Risk students)
    • Love Matters (Special Needs students)
  • Resilience Lifeskills and Character Education Programmes
    • TOTAL RECALL - a programme that raises awareness of ageing issues especially dementia, to children and youth, preparing them to be the next generation of care givers in Singapore's ageing society. Primary and Secondary school students are taught respect and empathy for the elderly.
    • Take Charge - a stress management programme for primary school students.


I think Filos is good. I have friends here and the tutors are fabulous! It's fun. My Maths, English and Science improved for my last exam.

-Jia Qing, Age 12


Filos is an amazing place with many workers caring for the society : the young and the elderly...

-Siew Ping, Age 14